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MIT Bootcamps Present Opportunities for Global Entrepreneurs

‘Slice of MIT’ recently covered a story about an MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp participant who created an app that helps rural farmers in Nigeria gain access to agricultural data, market information, and financial services. A native of Nigeria and a farmer himself, Nasir Yammama witnessed the everyday struggles of local farmers who attempted to sell their produce and gain access to market prices, all without internet access or a central database of agricultural information.

Determined to create a solution that would empower his local community, Nasir joined the second class of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Brisbane, Australia. With advice taken from his bootcamp professors, Nasir finalized his startup Verdant, a platform that currently has more than 10,000 users. By 2018, Nasir’s goal is to have 20 million farmers on the app, radically reengineering agriculture in Nigeria and beyond.

MIT Bootcamps bring together learners from around the world and gives them a taste of the ‘drinking from the firehose’ experience of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During these intense, week-long programs, participants learn how to solve real-world challenges and create innovative, scalable solutions by applying new technologies.

The next bootcamp, MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Future of Sustainability will take place from February 10-16, 2018. Global innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers will delve into challenges to the environment, agriculture, and mining resource sectors. J-WEL members receive discounts to MIT Bootcamps (for those admitted).

J-WEL plans to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship as a way to solve educational challenges in preK-12, higher education, and workplace learning.

At the inaugural J-WEL Week, Oct 9-12, 2017, there will be several sessions that spotlight how technology and innovation can be used to advance education, making it more accessible and available to communities around the world. Dean of Digital Learning at MIT, Prof. Krishna Rajagopal, and TC Haldi will lead a module on “Digital Approaches: What can Digital Tools do?” Prof. Vladimir Bulovic will deliver a module on “The MIT Innovation Culture,” followed by Erdin Beshimov’s “Micro-bootcamp,” where participants will get a taste of MIT Bootcamps.

In between the J-WEL Weeks and MIT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bootcamps, entrepreneurs can stay engaged by taking an MITx course. Entrepreneurship 102: Do You Have A Product? and Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me the Money both prepare learners for the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and start on October 3, 2017.