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MIT reshapes itself to shape the future


As we at J-WEL work with organizations around the world to reimagine education globally, MIT is constantly engaged in the process of rethinking its own approach to education in light of the unprecedented challenges posed by new knowledge and technologies. Today, MIT announced a dramatic example of that effort to ensure the Insitute remains well-positioned to educate our next generation of leaders and doers: the creation of the new MIT Schwarzman College of Computing. This college is designed to provide MIT's five schools a shared structure for collaborative education, research, and innovation in computing.  From the announcement:

Headquartered in a signature new building on MIT’s campus, the new MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will be an interdisciplinary hub for work in computer science, AI, data science, and related fields. The College will:

  • reorient MIT to bring the power of computing and AI to all fields of study at MIT, allowing the future of computing and AI to be shaped by insights from all other disciplines;
  • create 50 new faculty positions that will be located both within the College and jointly with other departments across MIT — nearly doubling MIT’s academic capability in computing and AI;
  • give MIT’s five schools a shared structure for collaborative education, research, and innovation in computing and AI;
  • educate students in every discipline to responsibly use and develop AI and computing technologies to help make a better world; and
  • transform education and research in public policy and ethical considerations relevant to computing and AI.

With the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing’s founding, MIT seeks to strengthen its position as a key international player in the responsible and ethical evolution of technologies that are poised to fundamentally transform society. Amid a rapidly evolving geopolitical environment that is constantly being reshaped by technology, the College will have significant impact on our nation’s competitiveness and security. Read more.


This video highlights the vision behind the creation of the new college: