MIT Video Productions wins third Emmy with "Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier comes to MIT" | MIT J-WEL

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MIT Video Productions wins third Emmy with "Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier comes to MIT"

On June 2, MIT Video Productions (MVP) won a 2018 New England Emmy Award in the Arts and Entertainment category for their documentary, “Imagination Off the Charts: Jacob Collier comes to MIT,” which features the 2016 residency of visiting artist Jacob Collier, a Grammy Award-winning musician based in London. “Imagination Off the Charts” features rehearsals, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the artists, and Collier's live performance with MIT musicians, shot with eight cameras. “[Collier's compositions] are kind of what our lives are like,” explains composer and arranger Jamshied Sharifi ’83, “We try to reduce them so that we can get through the day, but there is stuff going on that - if we just pay attention to it - is beautiful, inspiring, frightening, and [Collier] encapsulates all of this in a five or six-minute song.”


A third win

This is not the first time MVP has won an Emmy Award. In 2013, MVP won their first of three New England Emmys for their performance documentary, “Awakening: Evoking the Arab Spring through Music,” which was filmed with the MIT Wind Ensemble and featured a composition by Sharifi. Lawrence Gallagher, MVP director, explains the win’s significance to MIT News: “MIT has a well-known reputation for excellence in engineering, research, and science. What is now becoming as well-known, is the excellence of our humanities, arts, and social sciences and most certainly, the performing arts. We have been thrilled to shine a light on that excellence." MVP, along with J-WEL, is based out of MIT Open Learning. We congratulate them on their tremendous achievement.

View a clip of "Imagination Off the Charts" above, or watch the full film.