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New opportunities from K12Maker at the Edgerton Center

J-WEL has collaborated with the team at the MIT Edgerton Center across many of our J-WEL events. We're happy to share that the team at the Center's K12Maker group has just announced new teacher professional development opportunities, both in person and online. Visit the K12Maker website to learn more.

K-12 Project Tutorial Webinars

pictures of projects Join the K-12 MakerLab at MIT Edgerton Center for a series of K-12 project tutorial webinars. Kind of like a live Instructable - we will take you through the tools, materials, and techniques needed to create these adaptable Maker starter projects that you can use in your classroom.

Maker Tools Skills Workshops

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Full-day workshops on Maker Tools or Project Design

Spend a day learning with the team of K-12 Maker educators at the MIT Edgerton Center - we're all Maker experts and veteran teachers. Each workshop is a full-day exploration of a Maker tool or Maker design process, such as 3D printer, laser cutters, electronics or micro:bit. You'll leave with starter projects and resources, and know how to carry out projects in your classroom.

Master Making in the Classroom

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A 4-day series of workshops, spaced over 10 weeks, with online support from facilitators and peers

You’ve got a couple of 3D printers, some workbenches, hand tools, and a new space - what do you do with it all? Learn to design and deliver custom Maker projects that boost your students’ confidence, competence, and engagement with STEM - no matter what subject you’re teaching!

Join a supportive community of practice over the course of a semester, and learn how to

  • Design Maker projects for any K-12 academic or special classes
  • Support other educators doing Maker projects
  • Prototype your next project in our fully equipped Makerspace

Maker PD Packages

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We will work with you to customize a Maker PD Package for your school, district or program.

Choose offerings from strands focused on:

  • Makerspaces and tools. Set up, revive, or advance a Makerspace with appropriate tools and materials in an effective layout. Customize an operations plan with safety and supervision protocols. Train teachers and students on the fabrication tools and software techniques.
  • Maker project design and teacher practices. Design meaningful projects that integrate STEM concepts with academic content. Learn and hone classroom practices that engage students and promote multidisciplinary 21st century skills, shift the work and the benefits of assessment to students, and empower your students with personal insights and teamwork strategies.
  • Student projects with Maker Training. Host an exciting skills-building class or camp and get your students building a Maker mindset and up to speed with Maker tools. We provide the curriculum and lead the training along with your staff, preparing you to run it on your own.