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The Refugee Learning Accelerator

Research Scientist Philipp Schmidt from the MIT Media Lab spoke at our October 2017 J-WEL Week. Philipp is a co-leader of the Media Lab’s Refugee Learning Accelerator, a six-month program lasting from October 2017 to April 2018. The Accelerator is designed to help engineers and computer scientists from the Middle East create educational technologies for refugee learners.

The program’s website describes their approach:

We are not a typical accelerator: we’re more interested in building a community of innovators who can collaborate to build technologies which address some of the Middle East’s biggest challenges, rather than launching the next billion dollar company. This is an opportunity to learn alongside some of the most interesting work happening at the MIT Media Lab.

The program consists of four phases: application, ideation, prototyping, and incubation. The program is currently moving into the prototyping phase, which will take place during a week-long workshop in Amman, Jordan in January 2018.

The Refugee Learning Accelerator is one example of the unique educational programs that J-WEL members are exposed to through participation in J-WEL activities.