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Register now for Bridging the Education / Workforce Gap: The Role Of Apprenticeships

MIT Open Learning and MassBridge present Bridging the Education / Workforce Gap: The Role Of Apprenticeships, a virtual event on May 19, 2022.

Many American labor experts have looked upon Europe’s vocational education and training (VET) systems with admiration. One of the great strengths of these systems has been the way in which they have fulfilled important economic objectives, such as furnishing firms with a steady supply of skilled workers, while at the same time performing critical social inclusion functions, such as opening a pathway for lower-income and non-academically inclined youth to acquire the training they need to find stable, well-paid employment.

This symposium will host thought leaders from all parts of the vocational and apprenticeship equation to discuss how we can expand and create new training opportunities that prepare workers for the jobs of the future.  We will hear from educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and apprentices about how to build upon current successes in job training. Please join us and help to set a new agenda for bridging the education / workforce gap through quality apprenticeships.

The conference is hosted by MIT Open Learning and MassBridge, a state-wide effort to build new education models for advanced skills. 


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The goal of the MassBridge project is to develop and test a well-connected, state-based training and career pathway model - a “Bridge” for technicians that spans the gaps between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ state-wide advanced manufacturing programs and the needs of the Manufacturing USA Institutes.

This program is part of a two part series, the first part "Community Colleges and Beyond" can be viewed here.