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Returning to the classroom will be a chance to rethink its purpose

In a recent article published on the World Economic Forum Website, Sanjay Sarma, MIT vice president for open learning, issued a powerful call for reform to educational systems in the post-COVID era.  His vision includes a rethinking of education from the ground up, reimagining pedagogies, modalities, and structures to align education with the needs of a rapidly evolving world. In the article, he shares his view of what is at stake:

By impounding proximity from human society, COVID-19 has exposed some of the flaws of our education system. Many symptoms were pre-existing: $1.6 trillion in student debt, eroding confidence in educational institutions, colleges in trouble. And perhaps more starkly, the loss of nuance in public discourse, the black-and white positions when shades of grey are required, and the decline of compassion, critical thinking and sensible discussion. If the education system does not reform at all levels, the cold hard calculus of market economics will sweep much of it aside, taking with it the most precious and delicate aspect of education: engagement. We must reanimate engagement in education in 2021 and beyond as we slowly dust ourselves off after this brawl with nature. Read more on the WEF site.