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Second J-WEL Week to Kick-Off on Monday, March 19

J-WEL participants at McGovern


In just a few days' time, we will welcome the participants for our second J-WEL Week to the MIT campus, to take place from March 19-22. J-WEL Weeks present MIT’s unique approaches to education as a foundation for collaboration with our members. The theme for the second J-WEL Week is “Learning Communities of the Future.” For the first time, event participants will be able to access resources for the event, including readings and other information, using their personalized accounts on our new portal. 

The upcoming J-WEL Week will include research briefs, hands-on activities, panels, and workshops. Through consultations with MIT faculty, J-WEL members will explore their organization’s challenges; design inspired, effective solutions; and reform their institution by executing these innovations. 

J-WEL Weeks are structured in three parallel, but interwoven programs, one for each of our three collaboratives—pK-12, Higher Education, and Workplace Learning—with a shared introductory session by  Sanjay Sarma, the Fred Fort Flowers (1941) and Daniel Fort Flowers (1941) professor of mechanical engineering, and Vice President for Open Learning at MIT. Three of our faculty directors will also lead a "Connections Across Collaboratives" session. 

About the pK-12 @ J-WEL Collaborative

Led by MIT Professors Angela Belcher and Eric Klopfer, our pK-12 faculty co-directors, the pK-12 @ J-WEL Collaborative brings to life MIT’s unique “mens et manus” learning approach through experiences that combine hands-on, project-based learning and the pursuit of learning progressions centered on foundational concepts in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The collaborative will explore and develop teacher education programs and hands-on STEM curriculum, rethink assessments, and scale learning technologies and tools to support project-based learning.

About the Higher Education @ J-WEL Collaborative

Led by Professor Hazel Sive, our Higher Education faculty director, Higher Education @ J-WEL convenes a select group of global colleagues at MIT to address educational challenges. In goal-driven interactions with MIT faculty and staff, participants design and build curriculum, programs, and institutes. J-WEL Members are invited to attend J-WEL Weeks, intense thematic programs that define goals and steps towards implementation; to participate in J-WEL Exchanges, outcome-driven workshops, and bootcamps; and to join J-WEL Designer, leading to the development of new institutions.

About the Workplace Learning @ J-WEL Collaborative

Led by Dr. George Westerman, our Faculty Director for Workplace Learning, WPL @ J-WEL provides its members a forum to learn from, and in some cases participate in, research projects designed to improve workplace learning effectiveness. The collaborative will work with industry leaders to advance the scientific understanding of adult learning, improve workplace training and upskilling, match education pathways to career readiness, explore new forms of workplace credentialing and certification, and guide research and policy on labor market needs and future jobs.

We look forward to engaging with the participants to rethink education and address global challenges. If you are interested in learning more about the J-WEL Week program, please see here for more details.