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Upcoming Webinar for J-WEL Members: “Envisioning the Graduate of the Future”

J-WEL is pleased to announce a webinar offering for J-WEL members, to be held twice: Feb. 20, 2018 at 8:30 am Eastern Standard Time (EST), and Feb. 21, 2018 at 3:00 pm EST. The webinar is entitled “Envisioning the Graduate of the Future” and will be run by MIT Professor Justin Reich. Professor Reich is the Executive Director of the Teaching Systems Lab and a research scientist in the MIT Office of Digital Learning.

Webinar Description

Communities have always wrestled with the multiple purposes of education: to train young people for careers, vocations, and college; to prepare them for their roles as citizens; to develop habits of reflective, ethical adults; and to create a common experience in a pluralistic society while meeting the needs of individual learners. As the world changes and grows more complex, returning to these important questions of purpose can help guide schools in their growth and strategic change. To ensure our schools are effective, we need to routinely reimagine what the high school graduate of the future will need to know and be able to do, in light of what nations require and what young people need to thrive. The artifact that communicates these ideas is called a graduate profile. Making explicit the capabilities, competencies, knowledge, and attitudes for secondary school graduates, and inviting key stakeholders like students and community members to be engaged in the process, can help you and your school to focus your vision of success and drive school innovation efforts. In this webinar, MIT Assistant Professor Justin Reich will introduce participants to the work of developing graduate profiles and showcase the upcoming MITx course Envisioning the Graduate of the Future.

J-WEL members will receive registration information in an upcoming email announcement.