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Upcoming Webinar for J-WEL Members- Roll Call: Getting Children Into School

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On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern Time, J-WEL will hold a webinar entitled, “Roll Call: Getting Children Into School” with Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) Senior Policy Associate Radhika Bhula and Policy Associate Meagan Neal.

Webinar description
In this interview-style webinar, Dr. Claudia Urrea, Associate Director of the J-WEL pK-12 Collaborative, will be joined by J-PAL researchers to discuss J-PAL’s Policy Bulletin, “Roll Call: Getting Children Into School.” This bulletin reviews 58 randomized evaluations from 28 low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that tested programs designed to increase school enrollment and attendance from preschool through secondary school. 
The webinar will discuss J-PAL’s methodology, key findings from the report, and policy implications for educational transformation. J-WEL members will have the opportunity to comment, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation on school enrollment and attendance worldwide.

From the bulletin: 

“Education is an investment of time, money, and effort with many of the benefits coming far in the future. Across many different countries and contexts, the studies in this review show a clear and reasonably consistent picture: parents’ and students’ investment in education is quite sensitive to the costs and perceived benefits of schooling. Costs—whether they be school fees, school uniforms, a long walk to school, or concentrating in school when you are sick—are immediate and easy to perceive. The benefits of schooling appear to be harder to perceive or simply less salient. As a result, improvements in the quality of education may not always (at least in the short run) lead to more attendance and enrollment, while there are several examples of parents and students responding to increases in the understanding of or salience of the benefits of education. Not only do the studies in this review help us understand why many children are not in school, they generate practical implications for how to most cost effectively increase children’s attendance at school.”  

To allow for maximum engagement during the webinar, we recommend you prepare by reading “Roll Call: Getting Children Into School.” 

J-WEL members were sent information on how to register for this webinar in an email announcement on June 20, 2018. If you did not receive any communication from us and believe this is an error, please email us at jwel AT mit dot edu and we will work to resolve the issue.


J-PAL Policy Bulletin. 2017. “Roll Call: Getting Children Into School.” Cambridge, MA: Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab

Photo: Francisca de Iruarrizaga | J-PAL/IPA