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Date: 14 December 2020

Labor economists estimate that more than two million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled in the next decade (Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, 2018). This number will be driven not only by the retirement of a rapidly aging workforce, but also by the adoption of new technologies as the

Date: 17 November 2020

In 2018, MIT launched the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future. In November 2020, it released its final report, "The Work of the Future: Building Better Jobs in an Age of Intelligent Machines." The report provides insight into how new technologies are changing the nature of work and what

Date: 2 November 2020

This paper focuses on the question: What are the lessons from learning science and new technologies that could make online education, including workforce training, more effective?

Our current workforce education system faces many gaps, from underinvestment to a deep disconnect between the

Date: 24 October 2020

This Innovation to Practice, Work-In-Progress Paper discusses efforts toward building a community for educational transformation in Higher Education led by the department of Open Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT has a long history of implementing hands-on, science

Date: 22 October 2020

Since May 2016, the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have charted a novel path for educational collaborations among higher education institutions and philanthropies. We joined efforts to increase educational access to

Date: 29 September 2020
Widespread school closures are unprecedented, but the use of education technology and online learning to reach across distances, teach refugee and disaster-impacted communities, and expand the possibilities of schooling is quite common. In Failure to Disrupt
Date: 22 September 2020

Slides from our introductory session for our September 15, 2020, event, "From Trainer to Transformer: L&D as a Key Lever For Organizational Success." 

Date: 17 September 2020

Join us for a discussion with J-WEL Associate Director and Head of Operations Steve Carson and Eliza Berg, Senior Officer for MIT Solve’s Learning pillar to discuss J-WEL benefits, including our opportunities through affiliated organizations such as MIT Solve. This discussion is appropriate for

Date: 15 September 2020

Dr. Vijay Kumar, J-WEL Executive Director, and Dr. George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist at J-WEL Workforce Learning, introduce our event, From Trainer to Transformer: L&

Date: 22 July 2020

In this recording from our July 2020 membership information session, you will hear from Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, Associate Director for J-WEL Higher Education; and Steve Carson, J-WEL Head of Operations and Associate Director of Membership Management.

This session will help you:

Date: 17 July 2020

In this talk, Craig Zilles, Associate Professor and Education Innovation Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, discusses an effective, secure, and efficient alternative to traditional pencil-and-paper exams that scales to even the largest courses. The College of Engineering

Date: 8 July 2020

The "Behavioral Science in the Field" course, a collaboration between the MIT Governance Lab and the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, uses an interdisciplinary approach to train

Date: 30 June 2020

In this webinar, David Joyner, Executive Director of Online Education at Georgia Tech, takes novice remote instructors on a crash course to get ready to teach online for the first time.

The presentation recommends that instructors who need to make a rapid transition should follow three

Date: 18 June 2020
Teaching working adults is different from teaching typical students. As companies and schools around the world have moved to remote instruction, many are grappling with questions of how to do it in the most effective way. Fortunately, some universities already have solid experience and lessons that
Date: 18 June 2020
COVID-19 is representing a challenge for traditional universities to be able to continue their teaching and learning activities remotely. In this webinar, Pedro M. Ruiz, Vice-chancellor at the University of Murcia, describes the initiatives his university developed and lessons learned within the
Date: 4 June 2020
Over the past two months, schools in the United States and around the world have conducted an emergency pivot to remote learning. Fragmentary sources of data are beginning to reveal what these practices really look like: state policies (see