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Date: 29 January 2020

Twenty-four durable skills that workers need to thrive in today's rapidly evolving organizations.

Date: 28 January 2020

”Human Skills: Foundation for Success in the Future of Work” is a workshop designed to help participants understand essential non-technical skills for success in the complex work environments of today and tomorrow.

Date: 9 January 2020

Dr. George Westerman, principal research scientist, Workforce Learning at J-WEL, and Abbie Lundberg, president of Lundberg Media, discuss their research and article published in the Harvard Business Review. The research explores how forward-thinking Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) conceive of their roles and organizations, and how other senior learning professionals can become transformers themselves.

Date: 11 December 2019

Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, job descriptions, and degrees are just proxies of what someone knows and can do. What really matters are the competencies underneath. In this webinar, you will learn about the United States' first-ever competency framework and be introduced to the digital application and exchange where you can create and store competency profiles.

Date: 24 October 2019

In this webinar, we discuss how educators and employers can use the J-WEL Human Skills Matrix to help every individual be more ready for the fast-moving workplace of the future.

Date: 5 September 2019

This report provides a framework for the efforts of the Task Force on Work of the Future over the next year, and examines several aspects of the interaction between work and technology.

Date: 19 June 2019

Representatives of San Jose State Community College, Microsoft, America's Job Exchange, and more discuss how educational systems need to adapt to ensure they meet the needs of a rapidly changing work environment.

Date: 18 June 2019

MIT Open Learning and J-WEL have been actively involved in developing and advancing programs to address the needs of new types of learners, from pK-12 to higher education and workforce learning. This panel highlights the innovative and transformational aspects of these initiatives designed to provide quality learning at scale.

Date: 1 May 2019

An overview of the current state of alternative credentialing.

Date: 21 June 2018

Prof. Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Associate Provost for Digital Learning and Innovation at Boston University, shares his view of the future role of the university in a world of rapid changes to demands for workforce skills.