Dr. Andrés Felipe Salazar Gómez | MIT J-WEL

Dr. Andrés Felipe Salazar Gómez


Dr. Andrés Felipe Salazar Gómez
Postdoctoral Associate
J-WEL Higher Education
Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab

Computational neuroscientist with a core background in biomedical engineering and proficient on data analysis, signal processing, machine learning and data-oriented programming.

With 7+ years of experience in brain-computer interfaces, data science research and biomedical studies. Expert at designing experiments and delivering solutions to real-world problems using machine learning, signal processing, and data analysis tools. Focus on improving education in Latin America, with special interest on transforming primary, secondary and higher education employing neuroscience, science of learning, and data-driven technologies.

Areas of interest: brain-machine interfaces, human-robot interaction, data-driven problem solving, education and research policy.