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Workgroup on Design of Workforce Learning Organization

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Our goal is to reassess the role and function of the learning organization in enterprises of all sizes.


  • To be determined.

Imagined Outcomes

The learning professionals are tasked with enabling learning and development in organizations that are increasingly suffering from talent turnover. Some scenarios we could enable include:

  • The learning team implements learning programs in a similar way a civil engineering firm builds a bridge: starting from engineered blueprints, passing through 3d models and simulations before deciding to build and scale a solution.
  • The learning professional co-creates content with others in her industry to develop learning programs that issue a standard set of portable credentials.

Key Questions to Explore

  • Can we have exponential, e.g. 10x, impact on how people learn?
  • How do we match our services according to geography, culture, learning styles?
  • How do we scale the learning function properly?
  • How do we show the value of what we do? (learning measurement, business measurement)
  • How to encourage peer-to-peer learning?
  • What does a model for workforce development look like?
  • What is the right balance of push versus pull?
  • What would new public-private educational partnerships need to look like to be successful?