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Workgroup on Edtech and Platforms

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Our goal is to explore technological solutions to enable more efficient, effective and ubiquitous learning, including building platforms and helping to make sense of EdTech options.


  • Enrique Shadah, Associate Director, Workplace Learning Collaborative @ J-WEL
  • Venkat Srinivasan, CEO, Intelligent Machines Lab

Imagined Outcomes

We have heard from the marketplace that too many learning solutions are available, making it confusing to choose ones that actually work. Thus, we envision supporting the following use cases:

  • A learning professional tells a system the learning outcomes they desire and the system recommends optimal criteria for selecting a solution, technology, or vendor.
  • A learning professional uses a system to ask questions about a specific need (e.g., “I want to teach people all about cloud and analytics,”) and the system engages peers, outside or inside his or her company, using principles of social physics and AI, to identify people and resources relevant for addressing the need.

Key Questions to Explore

  • Can we map or evaluate EdTech by potential impact and timeframe to realization?
  • How do we accelerate the use of technology while keeping it relevant to outcomes?
  • How do we minimize the clutter of online learning?
  • How do we integrate perspectives from all stakeholders (academia and corporates)?
  • How do we ensure open standards while also protecting proprietary knowledge?
  • How do we design high-impact EdTech tools and delivery mechanics for learning processes while retaining the user experience?
  • How do we position the “platform for all” mindset?
  • How will technology change the way students learn?
  • What are effective partnership models across EdTech?