Nov 16 2017

MIT President L. Rafael Reif: “Transformative automation is coming. The impact is up to us.”

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In a recent op-ed piece in the Boston Globe, MIT President L. Rafael Reif discussed the coming impacts of automation on the workforce of the future and possible approaches to managing the disruption automation may bring. From the article: Technology itself offers one path to a solution: In fields from robotics and cybersecurity to supply [...]

Nov 13 2017

The MIT Future Heritage Lab: Empowering Refugees to Discover Their Emotional and Cultural Needs

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In the largest refugee crisis since World War ll, 65 million people around the world are displaced, one percent of the population. On average, it takes refugees 17-20 years before resettling and finding a permanent home again. During this time, they face insurmountable challenges and an uncertain future. One of the toughest challenges refugees face [...]

Nov 07 2017

Barriers to a Girl’s Education: How a School Uniform Can Change Everything

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In early 2017, researchers from The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) reviewed nearly 60 randomized evaluations that were designed to increase student enrollment and attendance. One study in particular looked at the impact of free uniforms for girls in low-income countries. In 2003 in Western Kenya, a school uniform cost $6. Would providing [...]

Oct 31 2017

pK-12, Higher Education, and Workplace Learning Books Hot off the MIT Press

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The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology. Founded in 1932 by James R. Killian Jr. —editor of the Institute's alumni magazine and future scientific adviser to President Kennedy and tenth president of MIT— the MIT Press was originally called The Technology Press. In [...]

Oct 25 2017

MIT Debuts a Digital Diploma Pilot Program

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Giving students autonomy over their own credentials, MIT implemented a pilot program this summer that gave 111 graduates the option to receive their diplomas digitally, through a smartphone app called Blockerts Wallet. In addition to the traditional paper format, students can quickly receive a tamper-proof copy of their diploma on the app to share with [...]

Oct 23 2017

J-WEL Executive Director Vijay Kumar Supports Blended Learning Efforts in Egypt

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In late September 2017, Executive Director of J-WEL, and Associate Dean of Digital Learning at MIT, Vijay Kumar, traveled to Cairo, Egypt in support of the work MIT is doing with The Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education to advance online and blended learning across the region. In the region, The American University of Cairo (AUC) [...]

Oct 18 2017

J-WEL Week 1: Experiences and Conclusions

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The inaugural J-WEL Week concluded last Thursday, October 12, 2017, leaving those who attended with inspiration, enthusiasm, and a clear vision of what collaboration between J-WEL and its members can build. During the Week, J-WEL participants and MIT faculty analyzed and discussed the future of education through workshops, panels, presentations, consultations, and group sessions.  Here [...]

Oct 11 2017

MIT President Reif Sets the Tone for a Central J-WEL Week Topic: Access to and Impact of Education

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Access to education and the impact it can make around the world has been an important theme of many J-WEL Week 1 sessions. MIT President L. Rafael Reif spoke in a recent interview about the value of education, recalling his parent’s advice: “If you have an education, even if you have to leave in a [...]

Oct 09 2017

J-WEL Welcomes International Participants to our Inaugural J-WEL Week

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Our inaugural J-WEL Week kicks off today, with the theme "The Power of Problem Solving." We are very pleased to welcome participants from 28 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Uganda. Here's a graphic of all the countries of origin for J-WEL Week 1 participants: [...]

Oct 06 2017

Community Jameel: The Foundation of J-WEL

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In May 2017, The Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) began working towards its mission of sparking a global renaissance in education through the collaboration of MIT and Community Jameel, a social enterprise organization of which the chairman is Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel ‘78, a MIT alumnus and MIT Corporation life member, with strong [...]